Squarespace for Meredith Flanagan Events

Am I going to get in trouble for posting on WordPress about building a Squarespace site?

My cousin, Meredith Flanagan, freelances as a wedding and special event planner in the Washington, DC, area and asked me to build a website for her business. She just needed some online real estate—a place for people to learn about her services and get in touch.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.34.17 PM.png

I originally built the site on Weebly but found the templates and style to be a dated and inflexible. For photo-heavy sites, I really like superscrollorama formats and found that Squarespace had such templates in a variety of styles.

My first step in this project was to look at other wedding planners’ sites to see what kind of content they included and how it was displayed. Based on my comparison of these sites, I decided what text to include in Meredith’s site and wrote it. Next, I uploaded high-resolution photos of weddings Meredith has planned.

One challenge was deciding which voice to use. In my comparison of other wedding planners’ sites, I came across a Menu of Services and Contact Me form in first person and found them very inviting. If I did that too, though, I though it would be incongruous to have Meredith’s bio and business statement in third person. So, I made all of the text first person. Since Meredith Flanagan Events is a one-woman show, I think it works well.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.34.31 PM.png

Squarespace for business comes with one Google Suite domain and Meredith is pleased to have a business email address and separate place to store her professional documents. Her new email address is hello@meredithflanaganevents.com. So cute!


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